Top 10 Generative AI Tools for Marketing in 2023 & its Use Cases

You can use this powerful AI writing tool to check your academic and professional writing for any mistakes before a major deadline or create net-new drafts of any kind. GrammarlyGo is Grammarly’s AI-powered content creation tool for brainstorming ideas, constructing outlines, drafting, and even giving your old work new life. But with the recent updates to OpenAI, anyone can use its API to build a tool for the most specific and niche use cases.

Microsoft brings AI productivity tools to Australian organisations with … – Microsoft

Microsoft brings AI productivity tools to Australian organisations with ….

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Artificial intelligence algorithms are capable of uncovering valuable market trends and consumer preferences through the analysis of vast amounts of data. This wealth of information empowers marketers to craft highly relevant and personalized campaigns that drive better customer engagement and conversion rates. PhotoRoom is a versatile and innovative tool that revolutionizes the way you edit photos.

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It also supports different art styles, so you can easily find the style that suits your project perfectly. Moreover, you don’t need to sign up or give your email address to use this tool. You can also print your designs on a t-shirt and buy it directly from the website. Synthesys X is yet another AI image generator that works as a Chrome Extension.

Nvidia Just Announced a Strategic Partnership With a Private AI … – The Motley Fool

Nvidia Just Announced a Strategic Partnership With a Private AI ….

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If there’s a specific use case or way in which a generative AI tool can improve your internal processes, it’s a great idea to invest in one of these tools while they’re still free or relatively low-cost. To provide a comprehensive look at the generative AI tooling landscape, we’ve compiled this product guide of the top generative AI applications and tools. Foremost are AI foundation models, which are trained on a broad set of unlabeled data that can be used for different tasks, with additional fine-tuning. Complex math and enormous computing power are required to create these trained models, but they are, in essence, prediction algorithms. In addition to search, its Bing Image Creator makes Bing the only search experience with the ability to generate both written and visual content in one place, in more than 100 languages. They also offer AI-powered assistive tools to help you in your creative journey, like a font pairer and color matcher.

Best AI image generator for integrating AI-generated images into photos

As businesses and individuals continue to harness their capabilities, they position themselves for greater success in captivating audiences and staying ahead in the competitive content realm. AI-generated articles have made substantial advancements, blurring the distinction between AI and human-written content. Tools such as OpenAI’s GPT-3,, and Writesonic can produce articles that closely resemble human writing, boasting improved grammar, coherence, and even creativity. These AI tools excel in generating shorter forms of content like product descriptions, news summaries, and basic blog posts. Generative AI can learn from existing artifacts to generate new, realistic artifacts (at scale) that reflect the characteristics of the training data but don’t repeat it. It can produce a variety of novel content, such as images, video, music, speech, text, software code and product designs.

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In addition, the smart algorithm creates titles by analyzing the main idea of the text and knows how to convert a diagram into text by selecting key moments. Even forecast, including Yakov Livshits complex ones such as weather or stock market, are this type of classification AI. They are about “tell me what the future is looking like based on this data about the present”.

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US-based startup Typeface AI provides an eponymous platform for business content personalization. Its AI takes prompts to create multimodal content including images, ad copies, blog posts, landing pages, job postings, and presentations. The platform integrates with existing enterprise applications and personalizes each content piece based on Yakov Livshits the audience, tonality, and specific brand own styles. Moreover, it provides AI models trained specifically to the brand’s framework to automatically ensure consistency and error-free content generation. The platform also provides customizable templates, built-in editing, and plagiarism checker tools, as well as dedicated content hosting.

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The original best AI art generator that combines accuracy, speed, and cost-effectiveness. It allows users to generate high-quality images quickly and easily, making it an ideal tool for artists, designers, and anyone looking to create unique and original content. Generative AI could also help you create code for new applications without the necessity of manual input. The exciting applications of generative AI support developers in ensuring that coding is accessible to non-technical users. The best generative AI examples in code generation also focus on features such as code suggestions alongside identification and resolution of bugs. Most important of all, the applications of generative AI in coding can ensure that the code adheres to certain guidelines, thereby promoting readability and consistency.

Cem’s work in Hypatos was covered by leading technology publications like TechCrunch and Business Insider. He graduated from Bogazici University as a computer engineer and holds an MBA from Columbia Business School. Conversational tools can be trained to recognize and respond to common customer complaints, such as issues with product quality, shipping delays, or billing errors.

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The fundamental description of generative AI suggests that it can offer multiple value benefits to businesses and tech users. Organizations across different industries can rely on the top generative AI examples as references for creating new and effective solutions. Here are some of the notable applications of generative AI which can help you identify the true potential of generative AI. Generative AI is one of the biggest priorities for professionals interested in learning about artificial intelligence. It has transformed the domain of content creation by enabling faster production of animated, visual, and textual material. The search for top generative AI examples in different sectors has been escalating at a rapid pace.

NightCafe, for instance, offers a style transfer option that enables users to upload an image and select a desired style. The AI then modifies the original image to match the chosen style, providing a fresh avenue for user creativity to transform the appearance and ambiance of their images. Several AI image generators provide the option to upload a reference image directly from a computer, in addition to entering a text prompt. This feature enables the AI to use the uploaded image as a starting point for the ultimate output. It’s worth noting that the level of detail provided in the text prompt significantly affects the accuracy of the generated image.

The images vary in style depending on the capabilities of the software but can typically render an image in any style you want including 3D, 2D, cinematic, modern, Renaissance, and more. Although I crowned Bing Image Generator the best AI image generator overall, other AI image generators perform better for specific needs. For example, if you are a professional using AI image generation for your business, you may need a tool like Midjourney which delivers consistent, reliable, quality output. Bing Image Creator is the best overall AI image generator due to it being powered by OpenAI’s latest DALL-E technology. Like DALL-E 2, Bing Image Creator combines accuracy, speed, and cost-effectiveness and can generate high-quality images in just a matter of seconds.

  • DALL-E 2 generates better and more photorealistic images when compared to DALL-E.
  • Lessons cover generative AI for business leaders, prompt engineering, ethics and industry use cases.
  • When generating an image, you let the AI know if you are looking to make a book cover, logo, icon, wall paper or stock images, and it creates visual content to suit your needs.
  • With a strong track record, exceptional team, scalable solutions, and industry recognition, TECHVIFY remains at the forefront of Generative AI.

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