Dolphy 15 kg Rubber Coated Professional Exercise Hex Dumbbells (Pack of Two) | All-Purpose, Home, Gym, Office, Exercise, Work (30 kg Total)

  • Superior quality material – Made of solid cast steel core for reliable strength, Rubber coating helps in protecting your dumbbells from rust and prevent damage to floors and equipment.
  • Hex shape hand weight – Hexagon shaped heads prevent rolling and provide easier storage, knurled ergonomic handle prevents slipping and provide a comfortable, secure grip. Plus, the flattened hex weights allow the dumbbells to drop with less noise and clanging to make for a more enjoyable workout experience!
  • Versatile and effective used – for any multi-joint movement that targets major muscle groups of the body, such as abdominal, Chest, pectoral muscles, biceps, triceps.
  • So easy to use – What’s great about free arm weights is that, even if you are a beginner or new to the fit lifestyle, it’s simple to perform exercises that are very effective and easy to learn, requiring just a hand weight and some motivation.
  • Perfect for any training programme – For anyone who wants to build strength, burn fat, and create a shapely body , free weight training with dumbbells is more effective than exercise machines. Dumbbells are great workout equipment, Their compact design allows you to get a workout in spaces you can’t fit a barbell or weight machine!